About Me

I love books. I used to read constantly before my boring things like life got  in the way. Then I gave up for a while and re-started my love of writing. Then because I can never stick with anything for a while I decided to combine them both and this blog is the end result.

I also like to write about travel (when I can), my attempts at tracing my family tree and my main blog – The Positivity Tree – which is all about overcoming depression and finding the good in life. I hope you enjoy at least one blog if not all 🙂

http://kirstywhite33.wordpress.com/   all about the yes

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1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Kristy,

    If you like fast-paced action with a teen underdog character, then this book may be for you. Called “The Hunger Games meets The Walking Dead” by one reader, Transfixion has also been compared to Philip K. Dick and some notable zombie siege films.

    But they’re not zombies, and that’s sort of the point of it all.

    Contact me for a review copy.

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