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Synopsis: Before Lucky can really start to enjoy her new life in the Underlands, Kayla’s men are slain and Kayla herself is kidnapped by the Sicarii, assassins-for-hire members of a death-cult.
Lucky’s nemesis Henri le Dent has somehow escaped the Chambers of Rectification and court torturer Amaliel Cheriour is also missing . . . and daemon princess Kayla is just bait to catch Lucky.
For Lucky’s own powers are growing, and Amaliel has his own nefarious paln to use her. But first, he has to get past her Guards, not to mention Lucky herself . . .

My review: Dear author, please stop pretending to kill off my favourite characters…thank you….


I really enjoyed the first book in this trilogy (“Marked”) and loved the characters. I didn’t realise that I was invested in them until the thought that one of them may have died. They weave their way into your heart and that’s a good sign that the book is going to be really good.

This one is much darker than the first. Real deaths, almost deaths, poisonings and much more as Lucky, Jinx, Jamie and the rest continue their search for lucky’s kidnapped sister. Now the majority of people are established from the first we can get down to the adventure and enjoy Lucky learning just who she is and what she is capable of.

It’s just an excellent read and I’m really looking forward to starting the final part of the journey

Thanks to Sue Tingley and Jo Fletcher books for the free paperback