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Synopsis: Could you successfully be a Georgian? Find yourself immersed in the pivotal world of Georgian England, exciting times to live in as everything was booming; the Industrial Revolution, the Enlightenment, and the nascent Empire; inhabited by Mary Shelley, the Romantic Poets and their contemporaries. However, rather than just wondering about the famous or infamous, you will find everything you need to know in order to survive undetected among the ordinary people. What to wear, how to behave yourself in public, earn a living, and find somewhere to live. Very importantly, you will be given advice on how to stay on the right side of the law, and how to avoid getting seriously ill. Monica Hall creatively awakens this bygone era, filling the pages with all aspects of daily life within the period, calling upon diaries, illustrations, letters, poetry, prose, 18th century laws and archives. This detailed account intimately explores the ever changing lives of those who lived through Britain’s imperial prowess, the birth of modern capitalism, the reverence of the industrial revolution and the upheaval of great political reform and class division. A Visitor’s Guide to Georgian England will appeal to Romantic poetry lovers, social history fans, fiction and drama lovers, students and anyone with an interest in this revolutionary era

My review: This is not a bad little book. It’s quite interesting to read about the different parallels between the Georgians and today’s society such as their lampooning people via cartoon and our love of memes and twitter posts. We also share with our ancestors a love of eating out which quite surprised me.

This is a fun, sometimes funny account of what life was like back in the Georgian era. It’s not a stuffy history book but it is informative. It takes in fashion & make up, enlightenment, entertainment, cleanliness and gambling to name a few things and how, as a time traveller we could hope to fit in.

Sometimes it gets a bit lost with the time travelling/modern day angle but overall it’s a good starting place for anyone wanting to learn a bit of history

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