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Synopsis: Two zombies and one skeleton on a road trip to Vegas to kill a witch, stop an apocalypse, and rescue their friends from the belly of a shadow dragon.
Nothing weird about that.
Five things I learned while being a fallen angel zombie:
1. Duct tape works better than embalming.
2. Alopecia is not my favorite hairstyle.
3. Fried demons smell like bacon.
4. This brain breath is affecting my love life.
5. Nothing ruins a honeymoon like an apocalypse.

My review: This book is icky but in a great way! I absolutely loved it. I’ve joined late in the game as I haven’t read the first two books but I didn’t feel I had to. There’s enough description to just pick up and book 3 and go along for the ride. And it is a ride. 

Ash and Aedan are turned into zombies as a mad witch tries to start an apocalypse. They need to track her down and kill her in order to save the world. Not so easy when the body parts start falling off…

The ick came from all the explosive diarrhea, belching, and gorging on dead things that happen when you’re a zombie with a wheat intolerance but it’s fun ick. I’ve read so much worse. This just made me cringe, laugh and carry on reading for more. It’s just good fun. Loved it, highly recommended.

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