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Synopsis: Bayla’s destiny had been set from the beginning. Nothing changed when the sexy Zandian doctor purchased her from the baby farm and brought her to his examination room.
Nothing. And everything.
Daneth has always lived in his head, letting science govern his thoughts and choices. Having Bayla in his lab shouldn’t change that, but somehow the submissive human female gets under his skin. No matter how harshly he punishes her, she responds to his touch with passion, sparking a lust that threatens to distract him from his plans.
When Bayla learns Daneth has a weakness for her, she presses her advantage, but she has no desire to bear yet another child and have it taken from her arms. If only she could figure out how to stay with the dominant alien doctor but avoid the pregnancy…

My review: There’s a lot of love for this book and I’m not 100% sure why. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a horrible book and it’s well written. I have no complaints about the style.  But it did make me a bit uncomfortable.

I’ve read a fair bit of erotic fiction & some of my favourite authors are those who write paranormal romances so sex scenes don’t offend me. It makes a change from all the depressed detective stories I usually read but a lot of this blurred the lines with consensual for me. It reads very much like an S&M story but I don’t know enough about that world to know where the blurred lines are. It’s very much ‘She doesn’t want this, he gives her a spanking and does it anyway, turns out she likes it once she’s had a go’. And he’s forgiven because he’s cute and he’s trying to repopulate his species by buying a female slave bred purely to be an incubator for foetuses.

So I’m going thumbs in the middle for this one. I liked the style but just not sure about the content

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