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Synopsis: 23-year-old Martyn has a dead-end job, a miserable family, few friends, and no love life. Then he meets a Spancialosaphus Lacrimosae, his own personal demon. Spanky’s friendship brings confidence, the good life, a better job, a girlfriend. But Spanky is a demon, and Martyn has a price to pay.

My review: This is a twist on the Faustian pact. There’s an interesting introduction at the beginning of this version which explains how the book came about, how it was originally bought to be made into a film. The falling apart of that deal led to the development of the authors best selling detective series. Funny where life leads is isn’t it? There’s a saying that is you’re turned down for something it’s because better things are on the way. Very true in this case

The book itself is set in the 80/90s when greed was good. I have to admit I did keep forgetting that and wondering why Martin has to keep looking for a phone box! Phone box aside there’s some frightening parallels with today’s society. As much as the old hippies like me want love and peace there’s still a huge amount of people obsessed with owning things, possessions and the needs of the few seem far more important than the needs of the many (stealing a bit of general election slogan there oops). I can just see some poor, down trodden person being blindsided into the idea of a better life without spotting the potential consequences. Nothing in life is free. Martin kind of questions that but then gives in to the idea of a better job, flat, girlfriend and not spotting all the good things that are under his nose until it’s too late.

Really what he needed was a life coach (like me)  not a daemon!

There’s a good mix of fantasy and horror with Martin in a battle to not become possessed and Spanky’s increasingly horrific methods to win the opportunity to take over his body. It’s a great book, recommended

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Out 20/6/17