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Synopis: 9 Comedic space opera tales of big spaceships, poor life decisions, and lots of Pew!
From fights against the Hive, to the quest for the perfect coffee bean, to helping the little folk in a big, bad universe, Pew! Pew! has the tales to keep you entertained and maybe bust a gut while you’re at it.

My review: Nine space novellas ranging from  action heroes coming out of retirement to save the day to aliens who live on plastic and eat the space station that’s landed on their planet. Completely bonkers all of it but in a really good way.

As is often the case for me personally, the first story as the best. Take the A-team, make three of them women, change the van into a black spaceship complete with red stripe, action, adventure and saying ‘Fool’ a lot. What’s not to love. We even sort of had a montage. I could probably cope with more of their adventures.

It’s fun, in some cases just downright warped and opened me up to some new authors. Brilliant

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Full list of authors: M. D. Cooper, Felix R. Savage, Barry J. Hutchison, M. Pax, Chris J. Pike, Amy DuBoff, Zen DiPietro, Drew Avera, Rachel Aukes