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Synopsis: What do you do when the homeless man on the street you’ve just given money to thanks you by name and turns out to be one of your ‘closest’ friends, one you haven’t seen for over twenty years? Take him for a hot meal and see him on his way? Give him a lot more money than you usually would? Or take him in and try to get him back on his feet?
For Alan, there’s no question – only natural that he’d want to see his old mate Craig off the streets, even if only for a few nights, and into some clean clothes. But what if the successful life you’ve made for yourself – good job, happy marriage, lovely kids, grand Victorian house (you did well out of the property boom, thank you very much) – is one that that your old pal would quite like to have too? Even if it means taking it from you? Gradually, inevitably, mayhem ensues as Craig turns Alan’s orderly household upside down, threatening to wreck Alan’s life for good.

My review: For the most part I really liked this. A taut, fast paced story as Alan, a successful restaurant reviewer and cook book author, bumps into his high school friend now living rough in London.

Alan decides to help his old friend get back on his feet, inviting him into his home, helping him reclaim monies owed to him and eventually move forward with his life in a positive way. But strange things start happening. He ends up in trouble with the Inland Revenue, his wife is sent a video of him cheating on  her, and he loses his job. All while Craig, the now not homeless guy, starts to reclaim his career and fame and fortune. Just what’s going on?

While it doesn’t come out until the end that Craig definitely causes these things there are clues and a couple of moments where you’re told but not told. The big question and justification for any thriller then is why? And that’s the bit where for me, the book fell down. I just didn’t like the ending. But was too neat and the reasons just didn’t make sense. I wanted some earth shattering reveal, or a reason for one man to loath another but it boiled down to nothing really.

It’s a good beach read, I had it finished in a day but for me personally, I wanted a bit more at the end

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Released 29th June 2017