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Synopsis: Police Chief Jo Oliver needed a little time to herself. But when her escape to Wisconsin turns deadly, she teams up with FBI agent Nick Vitarello, hoping to catch the Bow Tie Killer. Their romantic past and complicated present leads them into uncharted territory as they match wits with a psychopath bent on destroying everything they hold dear.

My review: This, for me was a little bit different from either your standard detective novels or the quirky bookshop-turned-sleuth novels simply because it’s quite a Christian book. I can’t really think of a better way to put it. I’m spiritual rather than religious and wasn’t brought up in a religious household so it’s not something I really see in my reading material. Every so often lead character Chief jo Oliver will stop and pray for guidance and author Catherine Finger will write out these prayers and then off we go with the rest of the action. And you know what, it’s cleverly done and doesn’t detract from the story and gives jo Oliver a bit of a different but good character background. I liked it. Different (for me) but effective.

The book is fairly short and packs a lot of action into it. I think sometimes a little bit too much action in too short of time seeing as I’m sure no one slept. The story starts at 4 murders in and very quickly Oliver and FBI boyfriend Vitarello work out the whodunnit and where-he’ll-next-do-it which is a shame in a way as it makes small town Sheriff look like well a small town Sheriff. He brings the FBI in, who straight away decide it’s personal against them and go off and solve the crime. No misdirection, no plot twists. It’s a very simple cut and dried tale. If only all killers were caught so easy. I would have liked the secondary characters to have had a bit more about them seeing as Jo insists in the narrative she is so dependent on them as friends and mentors.

But we can’t have everything. It’s a nice little book, a great beach read and I’d quite like to read more

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Released 1st July

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