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Synopsis: One dead queen.
Three bizarre acts of violence.
No visible connection between the crimes.

Michaela Dee Dare, newly minted detective for the New Orleans PD, is called to a Garden District mansion–someone’s decided to bludgeon a former Queen of Carnival to death with her own sceptre.
Even as the investigative pieces begin to fall into place and they close in on a perpetrator, something’s not adding up for Micki. It’s too easy, the crime too random. But what’s a rookie detective to do when her seasoned partner doesn’t agree with her?
Betting on her instinct and gambling with her future in the NOPD, Micki strikes out on her own, pulling at strings that reveal an evil that chills her to her core–and may cost her everything she holds dear

My review: One of the issues with reviewing books is you often find a really interesting title only to find when you start it that it’s in the middle of a series or worse the last in a set. Sometimes you then struggle with knowing who’s who and where you are within their life story arc.

So this little novella then is fab. I have yet to read any of the Lightkeeper series but now that I’ve read this and got  a feel for Micki Dare, the lead character I’m more than happy to add the books to my every growing TBR pile.

It’s very short, I read it in a couple of hours and because of that there’s probably a lot of extra plot that could be added to pad to a full book but I don’t think it distracted really. Even as a short introduction I was given good insight into her character and her mentor and how his death affected her with enough teasers about her troubled background to hope I can find that story out through the main series.

Really good little read. Thumbs up

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