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Synopsis: A young woman is facially disfigured in an apparently motiveless attack. As her relationships with those around her change, she is forced to confront her own shortcomings.
Gradually it becomes apparent that she has been a pawn in the machinations of an exclusive and secretive club for the seriously rich that, unknown to her, has been a malign influence on her life and family since childhood.
When her face is restored by a skilled surgeon the motive behind the apparently senseless attack is revealed. But does she stand a chance of bringing those responsible to justice, or will she only succeed in creating some very powerful and dangerous enemies?

My review: This is a really well written book but maybe a few hundred pages too long. For something that works out around 500 pages not a lot happens. Yes ok, Sarah has her face slashed which leads to a change in the way she views life and behaves yet it still feels like not a lot happens.

The synopsis is misleading as the revelations that her ruined face is part of a game played by rich, bored men takes place in the last 20% of the book. There are indications throughout that something sinister happened in Sarah’s childhood but these seem more clues for the reader than for the character. She mostly goes about being promiscuous, spending time with odious doctors until the attack on her.  That’s a big chunk of the book. I appreciate the scene setting to lead up to the idea that there is more to life than being rich and beautiful but when we get to the life changing charity work and finding herself again as a doctor in a war torn country there’s not enough time to really enjoy those moments due to the extra long lead in. I would have liked less pampered lifestyle and more self discovery.

Then we’re back in England for the conclusion and the revelations of childhood traumas and just who set out to ruin her life and murdered her husband and best friend (again stuck at the end and rushed).

It’s big and sweeping, it’s lavish, it would probably make a very good TV series but for me I would have liked to have read something purely about the second half of the story.

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