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Synopsis: Becky Kincaid ventures out in the middle of a snowstorm to buy a car seat for her unborn baby and never makes it home. When a second pregnant woman disappears, Marissa Rooney and the team at the Holt Foundation fear a sinister motive lurks behind the crimes. Lead investigator, Seth Crawford, desperately searches for the thread that binds the two cases together, knowing that if he fails, another woman will soon be gone. While Seth searches for clues, a madman has Marissa in his sights and she carries a secret that could tear her whole world apart.

Can Seth stop the killer before he reaps his…..Dark Harvest

My review: Teenage pregnancies, missing women, illegal adoptions and theft of stem cells for unregulated medical procedures. This book has it all!

This book had me hooked from the beginning and I couldn’t stop turning the pages to see what happened next. I never read the first in this series but will definitely be going to check it out. The characters have been well established through the first one but there’s enough new backstory that I didn’t feel like I’d missed out anything except possibly a really good story.

There’s really good pacing as ex-detective Seth Crawford tried to find two missing teenage girls before anything happens to them and their babies. It raises questions and thinking points on pregnancies wanted and unwanted without getting political. The same with stem cell research…lots of things to think about without taking sides…well apart from harvesting it from kidnapped girls is probably a bit wrong! 

I really enjoyed this book. Big thumbs up.

Release date: 30th May 2017

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