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Synopsis: Eve Menezes Cunningham integrates her background in coaching, counseling, yoga and other therapies to share practical tools for mind, body, heart and soul. With an overall aim of supporting people in feeling better in all areas of their lives, Eve encourages the reader to learn to trust in their own capacity to heal and feel better, with a playful approach to their self-care. From goal setting to inner child work, chakras to beneficial yoga poses, breath practices to psychological tools, meditation techniques to aura cleansing, this book offers a taste of a comprehensive range of mind-body tools to help you boost your health and well-being yourself. 365 Ways to Feel Better is for anyone who wants to boost their well-being in a holistic, side-effect-free way. Self-help fans will enjoy it but also, complementary therapists, energy workers, yoga instructors, therapists and yogis, counsellors, coaches and more

My review: This is an interesting little book, great for anyone new to self help. I read it all in one go to be able to review however I’ve made lots of bookmarks to go back and look more indepth at some of the weblinks, book recommendations and you tube videos recommended.

For me half of the book was all about things I knew having trained as a coach and therapist myself. However for a beginner |I think it would be excellent. The second half was all about breathing exercises and yoga poses. This is the bit I found most interesting as it’s something I need more of in my life (currently I’m at 0% in doing anything). I didn’t understand some of it but that’s fine – the feeling I got after reading is that I should just sort myself out and find some yoga classes and learn.

And that’s what these types of books are all about. Too much to cram in to be in depth but lots of little ways to kick start a new and better you. I really enjoyed it and would recommend you try it for yourself

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