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Synopsis: The world is collapsing. Governments have fallen, and anarchy reigns. Yet a greater danger looms imprisoned in ancient objects from distant space: bodiless aliens with an all-consuming thirst for freedom . . . and human blood.
They have a strong ally in Lily, a powerful sorceress and leader of a globe-spanning cult. In an isolated compound deep in the frozen north, Lily cultivates a group of children whose paranormal abilities can be harnessed to unleash the alien apocalypse. Now she has acquired the final pieces to the puzzle: a gifted young boy named William and his mother, Ellen, whose safety is the bargaining chip Lily needs to compel the child’s obedience.
Once again, William and Ellen’s last hope is Ray Simon. Every time Ray and Lily have crossed paths, she has come out on top, and even now she is one step ahead. But this time Ray is not alone. Accompanied by Claire and Mantu—devotees of the enigmatic Brotherhood of Eleusis, who possess psychic abilities of their own—Ray sets off on a desperate mission of rescue and revenge. Only the fate of humanity itself hangs in the balance.

My review: This is the third book of the Blackwater trilogy. I recently read and reviewed the second in the series ‘Witch Lights’ and commented that the trilogy reads as a serial. There’s no recap it went straight into story and you have to just go along with it a try and figure out who anyone is. I was hoping the third book would change that but it doesn’t. It doesn’t change the enjoyment of the book but for anyone starting at the wrong end there’s no character arcs to have.

Having read the previous one this time I did enjoy it more. It rattles along at a real speed I had it read in just over a day. The characters are all separated now: young William in a school for gifted children run by the evil Lily (the less talented ones ‘go home’  you can read the book to find out where ‘home’ actually is. Yup really evil and deserves everything she gets). Ray is trying to embrace his talents and find his son and girlfriend Helen along with wisecracking Mantu. I mentioned this in another  review where there was a secondary character seemingly on the ASD spectrum that as a parent wiwth an ASD child I really like it when they appear and are portrayed in a positive manner. Well Vinod is one ass kicking mofo so thank you.

It’s fast, it’s furious, its ambiguous good guys against outright bad guys and the genuine good guys win. Sort of… even though it’s the final book and it seems to be the end of it I had the feeling there could be more. There probably isn’t but just a hunch I think the tale could go on so we’ll see.

The quibble I had was with Ellen. She really didn’t seem to play much of a part in this. I’m a bit surprised Ray and the others remembered her. I struggled to. I think she could have done more.

Overall I enjoyed it more than the second book. It’s an enjoyable read. Thumbs up

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