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Synopsis: Leeds, England. March, 1895. The day after his release from prison, petty criminal Henry White is found stabbed to death at his terraced home on Copper Street. Pursuing enquiries in a neighbourhood where people are suspicious of strangers and hostile to the police, DI Tom Harper and his team find the investigation hard going. If anyone knows anything about Henry White’s murder – or the robbery that landed him in gaol in the first place – they are unable or unwilling to say.
At the same time, acid is thrown over a young boy in a local bakery in a seemingly unprovoked attack.
Praying for a breakthrough, Harper knows that he must uncover the motive in each case if he is to have any chance of catching the culprits. Of one thing he is certain: if he doesn’t find answers soon, more deaths will follow.

My review: There are a lot of deaths in this one! Some part of the plot and the reason for DI Tom Harper to be able to do his job – this time fir the murderer of a long time crook. And then some that are just part of life. Having read all in this series even the secondary characters are like old friends so it’s quite sad to see them go.

On a happier note we see Harper be promoted. I’ll be interested to see how these changes affect the next book. Sometimes a sweeping out of characters can breathe new life into a series although this is not a series that needs it.

As with all the books in the series it’s richly described. Even someone who hasn’t spent their life in the city & spent a lot of time on their Leeds family history (both like me) would find it so easy to immerse themselves into the Victorian city and know exactly where everything is and looked like. The same with the characters.

These books are a constant delight and I look forward to what’s next

*Thank you to Netgalley, Severn House Publishers and Chris Nickson for my ARC for which I have given an honest review*