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Synopsis: Mild-mannered PR girl Holly Phillips doesn’t think much of costumed vigilante ‘Ultimate Man’ – and after his superpowered antics leave her hoisted over his shoulder and flashing her knickers in the newspaper the next day, she’s embarrassed beyond belief.
But when Holly’s fifteen minutes of fame make her a target for something villainous, she only has one place to turn – and finds the man behind the mask holds a lot more charm than his crime-fighting alter-ego.
Can Holly find love, or is superdating just as complicated as the regular kind?

My review: This is what the story of Lois and Superman would be if narrated by Lois Lane. This is the bit where I say I don’t like or read chick-lit and then give it lots of stars. I found it fun,funny, quick to read and something where I didn’t have to think too hard after a few too many depressed detective stories.

Holly is your typical superhero gal that keeps getting kidnapped although she does have a bit more sass that most of them. The hero – Ultimate Man – keeps having to rescue her. I enjoyed the gentle loving mocking of the hero in spandex whilst at the same time trying to get inside the said lycra outfit. And purple spandex…urgh rightly deserved mocking.

A credit to the writing I actually fell a little bit in love with the bad guy. I mean who wouldn’t want to live on their own island and do nothing but read??? Frederick Cecil’s ideas about the dangers of the internet echoed a lot of my own thoughts. As a small business owner who relies on social media I do wonder how I would have attempted to build up a business without it even just 20 years ago while at the same time acknowledging how much it turns us into zombies that just don’t talk to each other anymore. (And I’m so guilty of spending hours doing nothing on twitter). I’m slightly in danger of being the bad guys acolyte!

The other potential love interest is co-worker Nelson, ex-farm boy. I’m so disappointed (in a good way not in a bad book way) that he didn’t turn out to be Superman! I can’t say anymore on that without spoilers but seriously (sod copywrite) he would’ve been a cool Superman.

And as a mum to an autistic son I was so happy to see a spectrum  character. Thank you for that.

My only real bug bear was the superhero himself. I just found him a bit bland. Maybe I bought in too much to Frederick Cecil to really like him but he didn’t seem very interesting. Maybe he needs more cool toys?

Anyway this is a great book. Put down the kindle, phone apps, buy a paper copy and then join a book club and go talk to some people about it 🙂

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