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Synopsis: Wicked Prayers is a fast paced, action packed horror story in which an unusual band of heroes desperately fight all manner of hellish incarnations to thwart Evil and his infectious hideous creatures. The book reads like a graphic novel without pictures, but plays like an action packed horror movie in your mind. In the action filled spirit of Underworld, 28 Days Later, and From Dusk ’til Dawn – Wicked Prayers offers original creatures for a helluva scary fun thrill ride. May no more dark doors be opened tonight. Contains mystery, action, supernatural erotic scenes, violence, adult language, and a little faith.

My review: The synopsis says the book reads like a graphic novel and that’s very true for this story. It hurtles along at a cracking pace taking place in just a few days overall. It’s a horror story so there are some gruesome elements but overall I didn’t find it scary just occasionally gross.

There are far too many characters and with the pace of the book it doesn’t allow for much development of the key ones. I completely forgot who several of them were especially the reporter. She just wouldn’t stay in my head. I do wonder if this would read better if it actually WAS a graphic novel.

The best descriptive elements were saved for the final 10% of the book but shoot outs are not my favourite things to read so it didn’t quite work for me.

Overall it’s not a bad book but I really do think I’d prefer it as a graphic novel

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