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Synopsis: Rosie Strange doesn’t believe in ghosts or witches or magic. No, not at all. It’s no surprise therefore when she inherits the ramshackle Essex Witch Museum, her first thought is to take the money and run.
Still, the museum exerts a curious pull over Rosie. There’s the eccentric academic who bustles in to demand she help in a hunt for old bones, those of the notorious Ursula Cadence, a witch long since put to death. And there’s curator Sam Stone, a man about whom Rosie can’t decide if he’s tiresomely annoying or extremely captivating. It all adds up to looking like her plans to sell the museum might need to be delayed, just for a while.
Finding herself and Sam embroiled in a most peculiar centuries-old mystery, Rosie is quickly expelled from her comfort zone, where to her horror, the secrets of the past come with their own real, and all too present, danger as a strange magic threatens to envelope them all.

My review: This is a fun book that takes us on a tour of the South East of England as Rosie Strange and Sam go on a hunt for the missing bones of a 16th century witch. Rosie has inherited the Essex Witch museum from her late grandfather and skeptical of all things spooky and witchy has plans to sell before agreeing to find the missing witch bones to potentially save a young boys life.

There’s not a great deal of mystery in it. It’s a beach read for those of us that don’t read chick-lit. It passes quite quietly as the two go off on what to me felt mostly like a road trip tale for the first half of the book kicking in then as the bad guys starting coming out of the woodwork and we get the intriguing MI6/ spy network joining in the chase.

I would have liked more on the bad guy (girl in this instance). She sounded actually really interesting and with a name like Elizabeth Bathory I was dying for them to bring in links about the namesake but sadly they didn’t. But I did like the fact that despite being the bad guy she has no lines and is practically non-existent in the book. I want more!

It’s fast paced, taking place over a few days. There’s a lot of energy in the book. I enjoyed the characters. They guys have hidden depths and I’m looking forward to Rosie accepting her latent talents and working with them in future books. There’s a lot of room for these characters to grow.

Overall a good book. Thumbs up 🙂