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Synopsis: When fifteen-year-old Isla Bell finds three bodies propped against Hadrian’s Wall, her whole world falls apart. In such a close-knit community, everyone knows the victims, and the man who did it.
Twenty years on and Isla has dedicated her life to forensic psychology; studying the brains of serial killers, and even coming face to face with the convicted murderer who turned her world upside down. She is safe after all, with him behind bars.
Then another body appears against the Wall.
And another.
As the nightmare returns and the body count rises, everyone in town is a suspect.

Who is the Killer on the Wall?

My review: This for me didn’t live up to the expectations of the initial description. I really wanted to enjoy it but it just seemed to obvious. I’d got it down to two people quite quickly and both became part of the big reveal. Just a bit too much foreshadowing and not enough suspense for me.

The premise was a good one – small village murders being recreated twenty years on. Is it a copy cat? Was the original killer working with someone else who’s gone undetected all this time? These ideas are great and I would have liked to have seen these explored more. I enjoyed the multiple POVs – funnily enough the main one of Isla the university psychological specialist who played the biggest part was the least interesting for me. I’m glad it wasn’t solely focused on her. I enjoyed the POV of Mina the detective. I found her an intelligent and well developed character and could actually enjoy something based purely on her and the two other male junior detectives.

In the end just not enough suspense to keep me page turning
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