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Synopsis: It has been four years since ancient languages expert, Cloe Lejeune, her son, J.E., and the monsignor nearly lost their lives while defeating the Karik’s forces at Masada. Still, she has never lost her passion for translating old texts. One evening while attempting to decipher digitalized scraps culled from a jar left to her by the Sicarrii, Cloe quickly realizes that something terrible is about to happen. As she prepares to race to the Vatican to tell the pope of her discovery, a giant man delivers cryptic cards to seven unsuspecting strangers who suddenly find themselves heading toward New Orleans with no reason why.

As violence and disease rock the world, the Vatican is abruptly destroyed, the pope is forced into hiding, and the United States is driven to implement martial law across the land. While one man emerges from the shadows to subtly pit people against each other, Cloe and her cohorts must find and assemble the mysterious seven in order to stop his evil mission. As a pale horse of Revelation is loosed onto Earth, a fierce battle between good and evil ensues, leaving Cloe betrayed by someone close to her and the future of humanity resting in the hands of seven innocent souls.

My review: I quite enjoyed this. My idea of a beach read is generally an uncomplicated fast paced thriller or horror. This end of days mystery fits the bill quite nicely.  Although there are far too many characters that a few of them have to take a back seat to the story despite having a major part to play in events.

Having not read the previous two books I found plenty of flashback (but not overpowering the main story) to help me catch up. It rattles along a quite a speed as Chloe and friends race to save the word from evil using only an old journal possibly written by Jesus and their wits to help them. It’s all bonkers but it’s fun bonkers. I really enjoyed it.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley to review.