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Synopsis: When psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn starts counselling Sami, the four-year-old son of an injured Major, she begins to suspect that his trauma runs deeper than his family have led her to believe. Why does he refer to himself as “the girl”? And who is the “Shadowman” who instils such terror in her patient?

Meanwhile, Flynn’s former patient, Captain Ben Callan, is investigating the controversial death of an officer in Afghanistan. Shot only days before he was due to arrive home, there is only one suspect – a fellow soldier who is refusing to talk.

Flynn and Callan’s cases converge when a dead body is found washed up on a Sussex beach, revealing a connection between Sami and the dead soldier. And it soon becomes clear that what seemed to have its origins in Afghanistan began with a secret much closer to home.

My review: At first I thought this was going to be another mystery thriller where everybody is miserable and it does start that way. Jesse Flynn has OCD a remnant from her brothers death 15 years ago. Army detective Callan is dealing with a bullet lodged in his brain. Not the setting for a cheerful book!

However the story is a tightly woven tale of a psychologically disturbed young boy and how he’s linked to several murders. I loved the characters in the end especially Marilyn (Bobby to his mum) an aging rocker police DI that made me picture one of the Ramones. The idea of a detective wandering around in his too skinny jeans and hoodie was a nice change of pace from everything else.

It’s intriguing, it’s a real page turner once it gets going. The characters are interesting and I liked the twist of having them mainly be Army detectives and psychologists rather than general police. It added a nice twist. All the characters are well developed. An excellent read