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Synopsis: Prepare for a World of Adventure Go back in time to 1912 Morocco.
An age of mystery.
A time of danger.
A group of children confront the mysteries of an ancient kasbah.
A pirate who is not what he seems.
A British colonel forced to choose between his country and his conscience.
A deadly assassin who must make a series of drastic decisions.
A Chinese martial artist as fierce as she is beautiful.
A war lord who will stop at nothing to protect his empire.
Welcome to the Red Hand Adventures

Me: Trying to clear my kindle down a bit so I’ve been picking easy to read Young Adult books. This is the latest I found in the near 1000 I have stored! And it’s…ok.

It’s a bit of a boys own adventure although I have no doubt girls will love it too. It’s just not my type of book in the end. Several children find themselves kidnapped and sold into slavery. However it wouldn’t be an adventure book if they just accepted their lot in life so with a bit of help they find a way to escape and join the rebels against the viscious warlord.

It has its graphic moments, children whipped and left to starve in dark holes. It has its adventures. It has fast paced camel racing (again with a bit of child abuse thrown in or was it normal to tie hands and feet to the camels?? I can see it being easy to fall off. In this respect though it’s not a nice thing). It’s a fast read, a great pace.

I just found it alright…not my genre but you don’t know these things unless you try them