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Synopsis: Thrown together in the fight against a deadly supernatural conspiracy, Ray Simon, Ellen Davis, and Ellen’s young son, William, are hiding out in Guatemala—one step ahead of Lily, a beautiful, wealthy sociopath who has become a conduit for bloodthirsty inhuman entities that seek to infiltrate our world. Aiding this unholy plot is Ellen’s own husband, an ex–Special Forces operative hell-bent on reclaiming his family and taking his revenge on Ray.

Long months on the run have taken their toll on Ray and Ellen, whose relationship is starting to fray, and William has lost all hope for a normal childhood. But when they let down their guard for an instant, things turn from bad to worse as Ray is separated from the woman and child he’s sworn to protect.

With nowhere else to turn, Ray calls upon the secretive occult Brotherhood, who have been desperate to recruit him. Help arrives in his old friend Mantu, an ex-comedian turned commando who claims to be on the side of the angels. But this situation is no joke. Ellen and William have been captured by a powerful drug lord—a violent sadist who offers to protect them for a price: Ellen’s body . . . and perhaps her very soul.

My review: I got this as a free ARC from Netgalley and at the time of downloading didn’t know it was the second in a series of books. I wish I had known as I could have read Book One first. And really you do need to read it first. The story is pretty much a serial and Witch Lights picks up straight after events of Book 1 so you get no back story and no real character development. It makes the story quite confusing at times as you are expected to know who the key players are.

It’s a fast paced story, pretty much a chase, action tale with Ellen on the run with her son and boyfriend Ray and his friend Mantu looking for them. But who are the Brotherhood and the mysterious Lily that the book goes on about so much?? With no reading Book 1 you have to guess.

I quite liked what I did read and I’d like to see how it progresses but hopefully the next one will start with a little bit about what happened previously….