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Synopsis: Hugh Fogg has been a phantom on Stauros Island for the last 400 years, searching for the hero of the legend he believes to be true. However his search comes to a halt after after several students mysteriously disappear. All fingers point to Hugh but he is certain he is not guilty so who is?

This is a book I received for free from netgalley. I really don’t think it’s one I would have paid for. I didn’t hate it but to me it’s just meh. It does have an interesting premise of Hugh waiting out the centuries waiting for the Slayer of the Fear to destroy the Order of the Shrike who rule with fear but for me I didn’t fel any sense of danger from this Order or any attachment to any of the characters to care enough about them being overthrown.

There was an awful lot of being told what was happening, very little where we were shown and the reader could really let their imagination fly. I think that may be part of the problem. I think ther characters could have been a lot more developed. Sometimes you get a basically drawn character but with enough detail to be able to fill in the blanks. To me they were pretty much all the ame and a bit like an drawing that had yet to be coloured in.

The writing was quite simple and the book did flow quite fast and I do like the idea of characters from books being alive through their stories and living on the island.

Ultimately I think there were some good ideas overall but wihout that connection to the book it just fell flat