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For the last few years I’ve tried to do various reading challenges such as the ones listed on website Popsugar. They’re a great idea as they encourage you out of your reading comfort zones but looking at all the books I have to read at home I’ve decided on a plan to get the numbers down. I don’t have a To Be Read pile rather I have a To Be Read bookcase. So I’ve made a list:

  • I need to get my netgalley feedback ration up to 85% or higher. It’s currently at 61% as I’ve far too many older books I haven’t read.
  • I want to get the number of books on my kindle down to less than 90. Yes really. I’m forever downloading free books or those at 90pence or less and I’ve no idea what’s on there these days. The netgalley books are on the kindle so as I read and archive them it will help both targets. It’s currently at 974
  • According to goodreads I have read 164 this year so as long as I don;t download too many new books the above should be do-able
  • I want to read 12 self help or spiritual books. That works out just one per month.
  • I want to finish buying (and reading) the Betsy Taylor vampire series by MaryJanice Davidson.
  • And so I can decide whether they are worth keeping or passing on I want to re-read the Sookie Stackhouse books and the Percy Jackson ones

And that’s it, a small list that actually covers a lot of books. Better start reading 🙂