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Synopsis: Aspiring inventor and magician’s apprentice Felix Carmer III would rather be tinkering with his latest experiments than sawing girls in half on stage, but with Antoine the Amazifier’s show a tomato’s throw away from going under, Carmer is determined to win the cash prize in the biggest magic competition in Skemantis. When fate throws Carmer across the path of fiery, flightless, one-winged faerie princess Grit (do not call her Grettifrida), they strike a deal. If Carmer will help Grit investigate a string of faerie disappearances, she’ll use her very real magic to give his mechanical illusions a much-needed boost against the competition. But Carmer and Grit soon discover they’re not the only duo trying to pair magic with machine – and the combination can be deadly.

Me: Sometimes I hate it when I really like a book because I find I have less to say other than Wow; amazing; everyone go buy this book now. It’s easier to hate a book because I can then write pages on the why. Wingsnatchers is a really good book and fits in with the former argument

It’s a charming, adorable story about a young magicians apprentice and a faerie princess with one wing. They team up to stop the Wingsnatchers – horrible automated cats that steal fairies for their nefarious master. It’s young adult so the gore is pared back but there’s still plenty of excitement for any age. The two main leads are well developed characters and it’s fun to watch them learn to trust each other and catch the bad guys. I also like the fact that Grit (faerie princess) doesn’t understand half the science Carmer mentions because that’s me all over.

Actually there is a bit of the book to pull out and discuss. I liked the ‘disability’ element. Grit has one wing and like many people with disabilities she finds her own way of compensating and lives her life perfectly well. I liked the fact that she gets upset at people trying to force adaptions on her that without actually asking her opinion so she can be like all the other faeries. I imagine a fair amount of that happens in real life as well. In the end she reaches a compromise of what fits best for her to start the next phase of her life (and book 2 🙂 )

Overall a lovely little book. Full marks

I received a free ARC of this book from netgalley in return for an honest review