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Synopsis: A village, isolated by a severe storm, and a young officer, alone and out of her depth. A troubled priest is brutally murdered, leaving behind a journal of the resident’s confessional secrets; secrets certain people would prefer he took to the grave. As word spreads, the pressure rises as the eyes of the town watch her every move. With no forensic team, no support and a savage killer hiding in a turbulent town, is PC Sarah Gladstone up to the task?

Me: This was one of those free Amazon downloads where you never know what you are going to get. I really enjoyed it. It had a new nice premises starting with a twist on the locked room plot line with an entire village in lock-down thanks to an unprecedented storm leaving the residents surrounded by water and with no electricity or wi-fi.

PC Sarah Gladstone usually is the one that guards the doors of other crime scenes not the one being lead on a crime the rest of the world hasn’t heard about yet including her superiors. I actually liked the way she dealt with issues such as how to preserve a dead body (stick it in a neighbours shed). Who knows what we would do in such a situation? Well, for me I’d be swimming for the nearest working town but that’s why I’ve never felt the urge to join the police force.

The good guys are mostly a bit annoying but the bad guys (and there are several to chose from) are suitably bad. Anyone of the three main male suspects I would have been happy to see locked up (trying to avoid a spoiler there a bit!) and the key thrown away.

It’s fast paced. I read the whole thing in a day, the pages turn quite quickly. A believable lead where her flaws and inexperience are made part of the story-line and characterisation. I did guess the whodunit but it’s a first full novel so there’s plenty of scope to up the suspense factor in future and I’d be more than happy to check out any more to see that happen.