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Synopsis: London, 1898. Archivist Eleanora Mallory discovers a map to a legendary city . But is it the key to unravelling an ancient mystery or a clever hoax?

Compelled to find out, Ellie journeys to Central America – with a merciless enemy hot on her heels. In a race to uncover the map’s secret first, Ellie is forced to partner with maverick archaeologist Adam Bates, a man she’s not sure she can trust. Together, they venture into an uncharted wilderness alive with smoke and shadows, where an even greater danger awaits them. For what lies there whispering to be unearthed has the power to bring the world to its knees.

Me: An absolute swashbuckler of  a book. After discovering a potential treasure map Eleanora sets off under the fake name of her best friend to begin the adventure of a lifetime – full of Victorian bad guys, danger at every turn and some ancient South American mysteries.

This is a looooong book but it’s a fats paced and enjoyable one. The story doesn’t let up for a minute swiftly moving from London to South America. Eleanora is a modern Victorian woman who would rather work than, as she feels, lose her identity through marriage and motherhood. I seem to be on a roll reading about women joining the suffrage movement and wanting more out of life. It’s been quite enjoyable and yet again shows we should never underestimate a woman.

The story gives us a mixture of adventure and romance once Ellie meets Adam Bates and they set off to find the lost settlement. The romance is quite reasonable but there were a few too coincidences to me. Go to the other side of the world and accidentally fall for your cousins great friend??? I suppose stranger things have happened

It reminded me a little bit of Jewel of the Nile and Indiana Jones but with a female protagonist.  You can almost see how the film would pan out; it’s very rich in detail with full rounded characters; the good guys are well described and the bad guys suitable bad.

It was a bit long but there’s so much action I can’t see how anything could be left out and indeed if cuts were made it would spoil the flow of the story. Despite the length I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to read about the next adventure

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.