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Synopsis: It took only one bite for journalist Jacob Plummer to find the story of a life time — his own downward spiral into the zombie abyss.  As Jacob slowly transforms into one of the undead, he discovers a truth that could spare the world from extinction.
While Jacob struggles to reveal the conspiracy behind the virus, he must fight off his own inner zombie and the undead masses to save the human race, the woman he loves, and a planet ripped apart by the Mengele Virus.

Me: This is book one in a  series of short stories chronicling the life of a zombie. I loved the premise of what it’s like to be a zombie. Jacob Plummer keeps his wits about him while his dead body starts to decay and the hunger starts to descend.

It’s not very long, I had it read in just a few hours. I loved the descriptions of zombies clinging to their last shreds of humanity such as the ones hanging around the bus stop perhaps waiting for the zombie bus. It’s interesting to see that they may not all be brain dead inside and that some residual thought remains for a while at least.

I did enjoy the zombie laugh- hurble, fart, hurble. For some reason that made me laugh.

It’s an original premise, one I haven’t read before. I found it interesting and fun. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.