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I got about 150 pages into this book before having a book tantrum about how much of a complete selfish brat Clary is. I was also questioning whether I may actually be too old to appreciate teenage hormones and the disrespect for anyone’s feelings before our hero Jace decided a few pages later to say the exact same thing that was on my mind. It’s almost like the author re-read what she had written and decided ‘wow that girl is an ass’ and put some more words in to rectify everything.

It’s one of those books (and indeed book series) where I find myself really disliking the main characters and instead am more drawn to the secondary players in the story. I could quite happily read several short stories of Simon continuing to get into trouble and constantly not die. Also I’m sure there’s got to be some interesting stories of Marcus Bane’s 800 years?? I will say though that over the space of three books (so far I have the other 3 to go) I’ve enjoyed the character reveals of most of them. It’s hard to say development as I think so far only a few months has actually passed.

Jace’s personality is slowly being revealed as we learn more about his relationship with his father and the experiments that were done on him. But Clary who may possibly be part Angel really is an annoying child. I’m really hoping this changes in the last set of three books.

It did as mention make me question whether you can be too old for Young Adult fiction. Some books have made the cross-over very well such as Harry Potter and from a personal perspective The Hunger Games series. But then so many others have again such immature lead heroines. However is that because sweet sixteen for me was nearly three decades ago? (sob) I keep trying to think back to how I was at that age but I had to grow up fast and left home at an early age so while these characters are being 16 -18 I was working and running my own house. It’s hard to compare. Trying to remember my days of Sweet Valley High reading and I’m pretty sure they were much like Clary but without the demon hunting so maybe I am finally just getting old (again sob).

On a positive note and going back to Alec I do like the way Cassandra Clare has been writing him. I’m not a gay male or gay at all for that matter so have no idea what it’s like to come out to family but there’s sensitivity around the way he’s discovering himself. Apart from a brief mention in the first book (I think) about possibly his parents not approving (spoiler alert – now I’ve finished the book they are fine with it) everyone else seems to be completely at ease with him (as it should be) and I do like the fact that a gay man can still be a total arse-kicker. I’ve read other books and sadly all by women authors of fantasy where their hero freaks out at the mere hint that he may not be 100% machismo and have to go off and have sex with the first woman they see to prove they are all man. So bravo to having a man that can fight and still join in swooning over the pretty boys.

I did actually enjoy the book once I got over my annoyance at Clary and the – are they/aren’t they brother & sister and so far I’ve quite enjoyed the first three books despite sometimes feeling too old for the series. The stories flow well; characters are actually well written and well rounded. I’m looking forward to reading the next three over Xmas.