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After a chat the other weekend about how myself and a friend are complete sugarholics and also ladies of the larger persuasion I decided I really ought to do something about it. I wrote on my other blog https://kirstywhite33.wordpress.com/ about giving up diets after 20 years of trying and have spent the last few months trying to re-educate myself into not counting everything as a point or syn and just trying to eat like a regular person. While I didn’t gain weight doing it I haven’t lose anything either and am still wary of health issues.

So I got this book from the library and decided to have a go at reducing my usage. Gillespie talks about going cold turkey and how his research (based on blog posts on his website) shows that men seem to be able to do cold turkey whereas women prefer to ween themselves off sugar. While he has no scientific basis for this he does seem to think it may be linked to oestrogen and menstrual cycles. For me I’d prefer a slow withdrawal simply because the idea of giving up everything in one go is bloody terrifying.

The book is split into several parts – how to break the addiction which includes all the sciencey bits. I tend to nod off whenever I encounter science but Gillespie has a smooth way with words that made it more bearable and as I managed to explain lactose to a friend (albeit cack handedly) I may have actually learnt something!

There are meal planners, a virtual walk around the supermarket and how damaging some aisles can be, a discussion on artificial sweeteners and lastly sugar free recipes including cake and ice cream. I’m quite interested in trying some of these out. For anyone wanting to terrify themselves there’s even the suagr content of everything you can buy in McDonalds.

I’ve been trying to cut down sugar for only 4 days and funnily enough I am finding it easy to swap foods and stick to Quavers rather than inhaling a whole cake without even tasting it. For once I feel quite positive about being healthy.

This book is an easy read but full of fascinating information to get the reader started on their new sugar free life. A much recommended book