This year I attended my 3rd World Bok Night event. I love these. A chance to meet other book lovers. You get free books and there’s a giant book swap. An opportunity to share some of the books you no longer need and maybe find yourself with some new gems.

This year as with the previous ones my friends were the organisers. My job is volunteer emotional support 🙂 They put an awful lot of work into making these events successful, applying for the free books to giveaway, negotiating with venues to host the events. Not to mention marketing, advertising and which cakes to bring! I get to wander around on the night encouraging strangers to have free books.

Which in itself amuses me. We Brits are so polite that when someone is encouraging you to help yourself to freebies. Quite a few were worried about being greedy and not leaving enough for everyone else despite the huge amount of free books available. When I mentioned that whatever didn’t get taken I would have to carry home people would then take a couple more.

But the point of the evening is to encourage reading. I love it. I love books. It’s great to spend an evening chatting about books. I can’t wait til next year 🙂

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