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I started a book challenge this year which is going along nicely. It allowed me to try some new books and re-read some classics. I also joined a couple of book clubs which again expands on the things I read. My son has taken it one step further with this year’s Mothers Day present – 1001 books to read before you die. We like challenges in our house. He is #doingthe92 (attending a match in the top 92 football stadiums in England and Wales) as well as the 1001 films to see before you die. The book version then is the start of my next challenge.

Going through the list of books I was surprised by the number of books that have been made into film – especially the ones published since the beginning of the 1900’s. Some films I didn’t realise were books first such as Gentlemen prefer Blondes and Schindlers list (book title Schindlers Ark).

There are books that are so popular and well know you feel like you have read them when you haven’t. For me, that’s a few of the Dickens ones. I also noticed that of the books I have read on the list most of them were published before 1900. Of my favourite modern day authors only one book made the list – The Shining. My contemporary novel reading is quite lacking.

In all I’ve read only 43 of the books on the list. I have several on the shelves waiting to be read so maybe shortly I can get the total up to maybe 60! Looks like I might be utilising the local libraries quite a lot over the next couple of years 🙂