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The first of the two comics I borrowed was American Vampire – by Scott Snyder with a back story written by Stephen King. I’ve had a good laugh at the various Goodreads reviews on this as Snyder only asked him to write a foreword! The good thing about these comics is the speed in which you can read them. I had both finished in less than three hours and that was with the TV on adding to distractions.

American Vampire was according to the blurb a way of returning to the horror roots and moving away from glittery emo teenagers, something I’m more than happy with. I’ve read some vampire paranormal romances but the one’s I have don’t involve moping about hoping for a kiss. They drink, swear, have sex and also have a love of fighting. In fact I think they love the violence more than anything. Definitely no glitter and this is what you get with this comic.

Each chapter is split into 2 parts with King concentrating on the back story and how the main man Sweets came to be a vampire and Snyder starting moving through the decades starting with 1925. In this he meets Pearl who has been attacked by some old school evil European vamps and is out for revenge. I love Pearl. She’s quite the badass and a cool antidote again to teenage romance heroines. I hope she turns up in further comics.

I like the fact she and Sweets are empowered by the sun and can walk about in daylight although I’d like to know more about the ‘how’ of this. I really liked the art work in this. Much more detailed than I expected (this is my first taste of comics remember). I really liked how the vamps got uglier as rage and hunger struck the elongated fingers and teeth looked frightening which is the whole point of vampires really.

The other comic I had was Revival by Tim Seeley & Mike Norton. This one was a different slant on zombies and you can never go wrong in my world with zombies. In this instance the dead come back to life but without the zombification. Most of the dead acre actually quite normal -apart from being unable to die I suppose.

I spent a fair bit of time confused about the strange demon creature and until the story actually revealed it as a demon I did think it was an alien! I had no idea how they were gonna explain that!! A ghost I can handle and at least makes more sense in this story.

There are quite a lot of strands to this tale, it’s more in-depth I think than American Vampire and I enjoyed it more. I’m interested in how the various stories will start to weave together. Some of them had already started by the time the novel came to an end.

My bug bear with this one is the cliff hanger ending. It just seemed to stop. By that point though I had got so engrossed I felt a bit cheated. I’ll definitely need to follow up and read the rest to see how the story expands.

All in all I really enjoyed my first taste in comics. I would like to read more although I’ll probably do some research first into which ones I want. I will follow up on the Revival story but I also have a couple of recommendations from others that I’d like to try. There’s the comic books shops in my city who as mentioned before are renting and our local libraries also have a fair few graphic novels you can borrow. I think I’ll stick to renting for the moment though as I find the price tags a bit too high for my budget and for the short amount of time you spend reading them but it’s a style I definitely want to explore more of.