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To twist the famous line from the Game of Thrones series ‘You know nothing Queen Elizabeth’!!!

While still an enjoyable read this was probably the one I liked least in the series. Elizabeth really is the most useless heroine I’ve ever read of. She didn’t know anything, nobody told her anything and she seemed to spend 15 years wandering around in total confusion while people smiled at her as if she were a bit strange. It really made for the most boring character I’ve read in a  long time.

I know Gregory wanted the book to be about the mystery of the boys in the tower and the myth of the brother that got away but I found the most interesting bits to actually be the parts inviolving her children. I enjoyed the fore-shadowing of they boy who became Henry VIII and his emerging personality and the links to the future red haired Queen Elizabeth. But mostly I’m intrigued by Prince Arthur – the boy who should’ve been heir to the throne but obviously wasn’t seeing as we got Henry. I found it so frustrating to get a glimpse of this little boy and what could have been. The book ends before we find out his fate so I had to take to wikipedia for more information. These bits were far more interesting than the war that could only be partially explained despite being the plot focus because the main character was constantly kept in the dark.

I like Gregory and Medieval and historical fiction and as usual I did find the story to be a page turner but I would have been happier for Elizabeth to have just a little bit more about her.