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My name is Kirsty and I am a book addict….

I originally thought that as I had far too many unread books on my kindle that 2015 would be theyear of the e-reader. However I have just been through my book cases and added up the unread books. As of this moment we have

Kindle: 941 books

Fiction 103

Non Fiction 28

History based books 12

Writing fiction and poetry books 5

The kindle number may go down slightly as there are about 5 cook books on which I probably downloaded for being free and seeing as I’ve just deleted 3 different Draculas its quite possible I’ve downloaded a few books more than once.

So how to I set a challenge. I somehow have to try not to buy too many paper books so that number doesn’t go up (people that know me will be laughing hysterically now!) and I will try not to add any more kindle books unless someone asks me to review a copy of their book which usually goes to the kindle.

Ah just remembered there are 2 more books stored in my emails! Not to mention anything we do for book club.

Lasy year I set a good reads challenge of 52 books and have managed about 70 so I’m gonna go big this year. I will have the 12 book club books (one per month) and then maybe 50 kindle and 40 paper books. I’m a fast reader and some of the books I have are novellas which don’t take too long. I doubt I’ll be able to review everything I read but want to try and do as many as possible especially for new/self published/smaller authors.

Oh and somewhere in all that I need to finish my own, continue studying and go to work. Wish me luck 🙂