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I’ve read a number of self help books. I enjoy my horoscopes but have yet to delve further into astrology so a self help book based on astrology seemed interesting. And it was! The book starts with a little bit of information on Pluto itself and its links to the psyche and different ways in which Pluto can cause destruction in lives. We also get treated to a little bit of Roman mythology. If, like me, you’re more familiar with Greeks than Romans that’s fine as there is a handy little guide at the back of the book.

There are two main parts to this book. Firstly how Pluto reacts within your own star sign, discussing qualities both good and bad but then with an individual self help plan for all the ways you (under your star sign) can self destruct and misbehave. For me I’ve read enough about Gemini’s to know the majority of information in this chapter but my sign likes to know stuff so I was more than happy to read it all again!

Part three goes deeper still. For this section you ideally need to have had a birth chart done so you know where Pluto fits in with your 12 ‘houses’. However there are a few free sites than can do this with a quick internet search. The book then breaks down each house, how Pluto affects you negatively and what to do to start overcoming these obstacles. I was on the cusp of houses 1 and 12 and found both very relevant to me and my life.

The book is well written, easy to read and understand and suitable for anyone with an interest in astrology or even a beginner simply curious. Highly recommended