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In a secret land, far away from the habitation of man, dwell the world’s remaining dragons — hoping the dragsaur beasts have vanished forever.  In their mystical valley, they live their daily lives, but all is not well and their talents are fading. 
Things change, however, when, from a strange egg, Yoshiko is born – a dragon with a unique destiny. Great adventure lies ahead as many challenges must be overcome, leading to a dangerous mission to the human world in attempt to return to the clans their missing magic! 
Will the Land of Dragor have a new hero? 
Can Yoshiko make it in time?

This is an absolutely delightful book for adults and children alike. Young Yoshiko starts his new school, makes lots of new friends but starts to feel a little different from the other dragons when he begins to change colour every time he feels stressed. Not helping the stress is the local bully Igorr from another clan, a youngling that is often bullied by his own father. I actually liked the way this character grows throughout the story.

Yoshiko finds out he is destined to help save the land of the dragons and restore their lost crystals. Without spoiling anything the way in that Yoshiko learns of his destiny and the training he undertakes are again written so well. You can see every dragon character in your head and it’s easy to imagine this as a film.

The story is written in a way that makes the book flow really fast, I read the book in just a few days. A good story, strong characters what’s more to ask?

I would heartily recommend this book to anyone