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Lots of interesting reviews for this on some websites!
Despite the fact that one of my customers told me the ending of the last book so I know what happens to some of the central characters I still enjoyed it and read it in an entire weekend.

It’s a plot that follows many others of its ilk – girls feels out of place in her dystopian faction, give has 2 fellas chasing after her, girl finds out she is different after all and goes off to lead a revolution & fall in love. I think the reason I enjoyed it was because after a stressful few personal weeks it was an easy read, nothing too challenging and the story flowed quite easily. The characters seem wwell rounded enough although I think the parents and Tris’ brother could have done with being a bit more in depth. Some of the events at the end seemed to be a bit fast and came out of nowhere but overall I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next one.