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I had the pleasure recently as part of her tour of this book which promoted me to actually read it as it’s been sat on my bookcase for a few months and I’m so glad I did. I suffer from anxiety and depression and am currently going through one of my periods of being constantly overwhelmed. The first positive about the book is finding someone who actually ‘gets it’. Seeing my own thoughts written down in ways I struggle to express made me feel less alone and for that reason I will be recommending various family & friends read it in the hope I will finally be able to make them understand.

The book is split into several sections first explaining the feelings of being overwhelmed for the average person and then a deeper chapter for those with fully fledged mental illnesses. I even got to learn a few new ones. Then we get the science-y bit. No matter how simple people will write I’ll only ever understand one science word in 10. My brain just isn’t wired for it but as long as I can pick up the gist of it I’m generally happy. I enjoyed the mindfulness techniques. I’ve since found a class nearby that runs sessions which I hope to join from next month. I found that as someone who meditates that I’ve probably tried a few of the techniques already.

Lastly Wax compares Mindfulness with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). I think both work in their own way and don’t really think one is better than the other despite Wax promoting Mindfulness as the better option (well she would, it’s what the book is all about after all).

As Ruby Wax is a comedienne the book is littered with jokes but nothing offensive and poking as much fun at herself as she does anything else. Highly recommended for anyone with even the slightest hint of stress for even just the techniques can add support to anyone’s everyday life