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Oh I hated Bruce Robertson & this book. I hated the misogynistic, racist, offensive everything about this book. In fact I hated it so much I carried it with me everywhere for 3 days so I could keep reading and hating some more! Now that’s how you write a page turner.

Welsh has created a truly horrific individual, who cares for no one and revels in the power he has over anyone he deems less than worthy, even his friends are subjected to his mind games as he goes about on his quest to get the promotion he believes can only be his.

It took me a  few chapters to get into the story and I’m still trying to remember how to think in Englsih now it’s finished. It’s often confusing as to which bits Robertson is speaking and which are thoughts but that ties in with the polis mans descent into madness and after a while you learn to spot the differences.

I kind of clicked who the killer was (after all Robertson is a cop) but it didn’t make the reveal any less interesting. I really wanted him to have his come-uppance. One of the main reasons I kept reading was so I could smugly laugh as his antics were turned on their head however the last fifty pages or so took the twists to a whole new level. The parasitic tapeworm slowly merges with the mania and the reader is given an insight into Robertsons behaviour and what made him the man he is as we first meet him. It’s not an excuse for behaviour but very interesting for any budding psychologists (trying not to spoil it!)

It’s a brilliantly distgusting book and in a way I’m glad I didn’t abandon it as I wanted to several times. The book lives up to its title – Filth from beginning to end.