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I may have got slightly carried away today. One of the things i love to do because it’s cheap and fun is go book shopping in charity shops. I fully support your average high street independent retailer and Waterstones (love Waterstones) but sometimes you just want to see how many bargains you can get for as little money as possible. And at the same time give a little to charities.

I’ve so many books now I’m not sure what decade I’ll ever have them all read by. They take over one of the living room chairs, they’re on the stairs, some are even under the bed. It’s liek an episode of hoarders! But eventually most of them work their way back to the charity shops and so someone else can enjoy them and the charity makes some more money again.

I’ve had some fab bargains recently, a copy of the Complete Works of Shakespeare for £3 from the beginning of the 1900’s, Pride & Prejudice from the same time period for £3 and today the Compleet Who’s Who in British History for 99p! I’m very impressed with this one. Since finding out many of my ancestors were either of royal blood or Lords & Ladies I’ve wanted to know more about them so this book may give me lots of answers. And for less than £1

So go out, do your bit for a charity donate some books and buy more back. Books were made to be read so lets enjoy them 2014-08-01 15.57.58 2014-04-19 13.28.34