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Not to mention Moon over Soho and Whispers Underground!!

We had discussed reading Rivers of London for our book club so when I saw all three books for £4.50 in my local charity shop at the beginning of March I grabbed them. Less than three weeks later I had read all three! The first time since last summer I had found both a new author (at least new to me) and a real page turner. 

Rivers of London introduces us to PC Peter Grant, just finishing his probation period and about to be assigned to the Case Progression Unit and drown in paperwork while his best friend gets to be on the murder squad. All that changes when he sees his first ghost and is enlisted into the Economic & Specialist Crime team. Otherwise known as the one’s that hunt ghosts and other things that go bump in the night. Current team consisting of one: Inspector Nightingale. Peter then embarks on a new twist in his career that of apprentice wizard…

I think the reason for enjoying this so much is it mixes so many genres. You have ordinary crime solving mixed in with a grown up harry Potter. He has to start from scratch learning all about the supernatural not to mention the spells. But all the characters are loving decsribed, each one fleshed out so you can picture them easily. Although no matter how hard I try DCI Sewoll is in my imagination an incarnation of Gene Hunt. in the first book we have Mother & father Thames and all the little Rivers children fighting for attention and to be top dog in the city. The murderer/magician in this story (I won’t spoil the who or why or even how) creates havoc resulting in people’s faces exploding including the aforementioned best friend. 

Book 2: Moon over Soho picks up several months on and we see Ben’s relationships developing with the rest of the characters and a new killer. This time with the ability to stop the hearts of jazz musicians. Peter is drawn into this one more deeply with a new girlfriend who is not everything she seems. Finally there is Whispers Underground which involves a whole new race of people and a desperate-to-rebel FBI agent. 

Put simply, these books are good old fashion ripping good yarns, they rush along and before you know it you’re on Amazon desperate for the rest of the series. Not only that the author seems like a genuinely good guy. Follow him on twitter and you get a ‘new follower’ shout out  I think though he may have a slight addicted to TV if his posts are anything to go by but as personalities go, a friendly interactive one. No one wants to discover a new author only to find they’re a dick and luckily Ben isn’t. So buy his books, follow him on twitter, maybe hold off on the full on stalking! 

I can’t wait to pick up book 4.