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This is a lovely little fictional tale of the seven chakras in the body and what can happen when they are blocked as told in a fairytale. I love books like this where you can learn about something new in a fun way without being bogged down in technical jargon. In this story the chakras are seven princesses born into a beautiful glass castle with the girls representing each chakra and the castle is the body. An evil crone puts them under a spell which leaves them forgetful of who they really are and their purpose and they need to find a way to break the spell and find their balance and joy again.

I found though that this is an excellent book to read if you are or have ever been depressed. Reading about the princesses behaviour whilst under the forgetful spell reminded me of my own behaviour when depressed. Princess Aneeda, the root chakra who sees to the physical self stops eating healthy and looking after her body, becomes reliant on junk food rather than vegetables, gains weight and loses energy. Singya, the voice chakra looses the ability to communicate and say how she really feels. And poor Iluvya, the sister of the heart becomes heartbroken. 

There’s one section in italics that made me sit up and read twice as it pretty much described everything I’d done in the past whilst under my own forgetful spell – not knowing yourself any more, feeling guilty about wanting to happy, the lengths you go to to fit in and get people to like you (when just being your happy self would have had the same effect). 

But then the wise owl woman helps them break the spell. The lessons the sisters learn in doing so are the things we can do to improve our own physical, mental and spiritual health including taking care of our bodies, learning to love ourselves, being creative and accepting ourselves flaws and all. 

My only issues is a minor one and it’s the names of the characters although I do understand they are a way to make it easier to understand what each chakra does; i.e Iluvya – I love you – the heart chakra. They’re a bit cheesy but don’t detract from the book. 

All in all I’d recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about chakras and healing or for those needing to start on the path to well being and health