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I’ve mentioned on my other blog a challenge website called www.dayzeroproject.com that I use. One of the projects is to complete 101 things in 1001 days. You make your own challenges and lists and mark them off as you go along and it’s up to you to make them as hard or easy as you want to. One of my easier ones was to read 100 books and yesterday I finished the 50th one.

Looking at my list below if I wasn’t studying towards an English Literature degree or involved in a radio-based book club I would not have read quite a few of these but I’m glad I did gives you the opportunity to step outside your own reading comfort zone and  then there are some I’ve already forgotten the plot of! I haven’t had time to make a post for all of these but if you scroll down my blog you will find opinions on some of them.

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird (for book club)
  2. The Salem Witch Society
  3. The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time)
  4. F**k It (a self help book, concept self explanatory!!)
  5. War Horse (book club)
  6. World War Z
  7. The Harrowing
  8. Stardust (book club)
  9. Othello  – for Open University – OU
  10.  Zombie Apocalypse
  11.  Wuthering Heights
  12. Sign of For (Sherlock Holmes) – for OU
  13. Dancing at Lugnasa – for OU
  14. The Dubliners – for OU
  15. The Lonely Londoners – for OU
  16. The White Queen – Phillipa Gregory
  17. The Red Queen
  18. The Long Earth – Terry Pratchett
  19. Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl (book club)
  20. Gone Girl – book club
  21. The Emigrants – for OU
  22. Oroonoko  – for OU
  23. Further Adventures of a London Call Girl
  24. Hard Times – Charles Dickens – for OU
  25. Greywalker
  26. Perks of Being a Wallflower
  27. Waiting for Godalming – Robert Rankin
  28. Death Comes to Pemberley
  29. Sprout Mask Replica – Robert Rankin
  30. Garden of Unearthly Delights – Robert Rankin
  31. Me & Mr Darcy
  32. Instruments of Darkness
  33. Duchess of Malfi
  34. Dawn of the Dreadfuls Pride, Prejudice and Zombies)
  35. Lady of the Rivers – Phillipa Gregory
  36. The casual Vacancy – JK Rowling (book club)
  37. Candide – for OU
  38. The Fading
  39. The Black Madonna
  40. Witch Light
  41. The Kingmakers Daughter
  42. Anno Dracula – Kim Newman
  43. Matilda (book club)
  44. Dodger – Terry Pratchett
  45. The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown
  46. Confessions of an English Opium Eater – for OU
  47. The Sandman – ETA Hoffman – for OU
  48. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway (book club)
  49. Alice in Wonderland (book club)
  50. Zombie short story Anthology

There are enough books currently sat unread on my stairs to complete the second half of the challenge. As next year’s course will be creative writing so writing my own stories most of the books I hope to read this year will be for “fun”. It will be interesting to compare the two lists at the end.

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