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Taken from my spirituality and happiness blog It’s all about the yes

It's all about the Yes

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve not read this before now. The story is so universally known and loved I think I’d fooled myself into believing I had actually read the book! To rectify this, I made it my next choice in preparation for my reading list for my OU course. I watched three different film variations as well as reading the book on my kindle. All in the name of research obviously 🙂

Watching the Laurence Olivier 1939 classic first was a bit of a mistake. This is probably the most famous of all the versions but only actually covers one element of the story – that of the eternal romance of Heathcliffe & Cathy. It took all the films and book for me to realise just WHY Cathy would marry Edgar Linton because to me this version didn’t make it clear. In this version she came across as…

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